Sanne Thor Pohl


For many years I have had a strong desire to help children who live in parts of the world where even the most basic of needs are considered a luxury.
Having been an educator myself for most of my life, it is amazing to me how there can be so many children in the world today who do not have a chance at an education, simply because there are no books, no pencils, or no means for them to get to the nearest school. This becomes even more troubling when I see how many usable resources we in “The West” dispose of every day! Material that could be of so much value to these children. Books, science material, musical instruments, computers, so many things that we will throw away, or store away somewhere in a closet, simply because we consider them old or even just because we are expected to buy the latest version every couple of years. I see it around me every day in the Danish school system. All this wasted material can make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many children. The plan for starting the foundation was born out of seeing all these valuable resources go to waste.
It is very exciting to me to collect these “tools”, as I like to call them, from schools, businesses, even from individuals, knowing how much of an impact they can have on these children’s lives, even giving them a whole new set of options for the future. And now, through the Thor Aid Foundation, we can supply schools, which we have connected with directly, with these materials. As an educator and humanitarian, what can be more rewarding than that?

Mother of 2
School teacher for 26 years

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